13 Books to Master Data Analytics

Rapidly up-skill in the exciting field of decision science with these essential recommendations.

Nicole Janeway Bills
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In this article, we examine 13 books that will help you to master Data Analytics. This list includes books on Operations Research, Management Science, and Machine Learning.

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It’s crucial for a Data Analyst to have a broad skillset to contribute to the resolution of business questions and aid in data-driven decision making. A strong foundation in Operations Research is essential for understanding and interpreting patterns in the organization’s data. Furthermore, a Data Analyst must have a good since of business problem framing — this is where an understanding of Management Science comes in. Finally, it’s useful for a Data Analyst to be able to work with statistical computing tools in order to make sense of large datasets via Machine Learning.

The recommendations that follow are a great start for anybody who wants to understand how to use the power of data to unlock value — whether you’re an absolute beginner, a data practitioner aiming to refresh your knowledge, a student preparing for an exam, or a business leader looking to stay up to date with the latest developments required to excel at work.

1. Data Analytics for Absolute Beginners

  • Author: Oliver Theobald
  • Time to read: 5 hrs 10 mins (155 pages)
  • Rating: 4.4/5 (376 total ratings)

Summary: This short and snappy guide offers an introduction to the vocabulary, tools, and fundamental algorithms that will enable success in Data Analytics. The essential topics are covered in common language so you can quickly level up your understanding of this field.

Each chapter builds your knowledge of a different topic and helps you develop the proper mindset for decision science. As you gain proficiency in analysis, you’ll also develop the communication skills needed to engage in business conversations with insights based in data.

This book will guide you from total novice to the point where you can serve as an advocate for data-driven decision making at your organization.



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