CIPP/E Update from IAPP — What’s Changing in October 2023

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Nicole Janeway Bills
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The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) is the preeminent source for training and certification related to Data Privacy. IAPP offers a variety of challenging exams that allow practitioners to showcase their understanding of Data Protection regulations all around the world. This fall, their European-focused exam is getting an upgrade.

Studying for the Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe (CIPP/E) exam confers knowledge of regulatory frameworks in Europe, particularly the complex and sweeping General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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What do test takers need to know about upcoming changes to this exam to ensure they’re preparing effectively for the update on October 2nd, 2023?

  1. Special categories of personal data
  2. Schrems I and II
  3. New enforcement guidelines
  4. Social media’s dark patterns
  5. New and updated legislation

Exams held on or after October 2nd will include new questions on the latest developments in the European Data Privacy regime, ranging from content that made the headlines — such as the new Artificial Intelligence Act — to textbook footnotes — such as Guidelines 06/2020 on the Payment Services Directive 2.

In this article, I’ll brief you on the five categories of new information so that you have your best shot at attaining the valuable CIPP/E credential after the changes go into place on October 2nd. We’ll wrap up by discussing how these changes impact our study materials for the exam.

#1 — Special Categories of Personal Data

A couple of older subjects are now emphasized in the updated CIPP/E Body of Knowledge, even if they’re not entirely new. This applies to the special categories of personal data and the two Schrems decisions.

Special categories of personal data include that which is likely to be able to identify a natural person (e.g., an individual) and carries particular influence over their identity. These categories include race and ethnicity, religion, political opinion…



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