5 Things I Learned from Reading GDPR Mind Maps and Checklists

Practical insights into the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation

Nicole Janeway Bills
6 min readJul 5


It’s no secret that the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation is a complicated piece of legislation. With 11 chapters composed of 99 articles, all of which intersect with other Data Privacy legislation, it’s easy to miss some important details.

But when you’re studying for an accreditation like the Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe (CIPP/E) exam, missing details could cost you.

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Introducing visual aids (such as mind maps, checklists, and other documents that incorporate visual elements) into your studying process can stimulate your brain in a way that reading regular text does not. Visuals help you to notice nuances, identify novel patterns, and commit what you’re learning to memory.

The CIPP/E exam and the field of Data Privacy and Protection more broadly are quite challenging, so you need every wayfinding advantage at your disposal.

At Data Strategy Professionals, we have partnered with Data Privacy and Cybersecurity expert Andrey Prozorov bring you a series of 23 mind maps and checklists to enhance your understanding of GDPR.

Here are several areas about which I developed deeper insight through the presentation of the visual medium:

  1. The role of the Data Protection Officer
  2. The limits of “vital interests”
  3. Exceptions for small businesses
  4. Exercising your Right to Object
  5. Separate consent for data processing
GDPR Mind Maps and Checklists from Data Strategy Professionals

#1 — The role of the Data Protection Officer

In GDPR, the Data Protection Officer (DPO) is usually a staff member of the data controller or processor. Their contact information should be made public and given to the Supervisory Authority, in case someone wants to voice a concern to the organization about their data policies.



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