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A conversation with DAMA New England

Nicole Janeway Bills
28 min readJun 1


I was recently on a podcast with DAMA New England where I got to lay out my perspective on running a Data Strategy training business for the past two and a half years. It was a lot of fun!

In my conversation with Nupur, I got into the details of how Medium was the foundation for my entrepreneurial endeavor, so it’s fitting to post about the discussion here. Read on past the YouTube player for a lightly edited transcript of the podcast episode.

Nupur: Hello everyone. […] I’m so thrilled to have Nicole Janeway as our very first [guest] on season two of the Data Perspectives podcast. Nicole offers a proven track record of applying Data Strategy and related disciplines to solve clients most pressing challenges. She has worked as a Data Scientist and a project manager for federal and commercial consulting teams.

Nicole has written 35+ Medium articles, mostly for Towards Data Science. Her business experience includes natural language processing, cloud computing, statistical testing, pricing analysis, ETL processes, and web and application development.

And just for everyone’s awareness, I have myself been a part of the data community that Nicole runs for a good long year. I’ve personally seen […] the scale as well as the impact of the work, and I’ve benefited so much from the articles and […] her drive to keep the data community running. So I’m so thrilled to have Nicole join us today. […]

Nicole: Very happy to be here with everyone, and I am personally really glad that you’re a part of our community. […] Thanks for contributing. […]

Nupur: I appreciate that, and I know we have a lot to cover, especially given you are expert in various different data domains. […] Lately, I believe you are full-time into the role of [Community Organizer]. If you don’t mind walking us through your career trajectory.

Nicole: […] I’ve done all the things that you mentioned, but it’s been a roundabout way.

So I studied sort of general liberal arts when I was in college and I thought I would do…



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